Confidence Power Hybrid Golf Set Review

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confidence power hybrid golf set review

A Complete Review of the Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag for Men from Confidence

Few things can make your day of the course turn sour than a club set and stand bag that fail to live up to your expectations. And that is why it is eminent to get the ideal set given the many options available. Confidence golfing gear resonates with most golfers and they are particularly preferred due to their affordability and quality. They are also quite appealing. The Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag for Men from Confidence boasts with a plethora of features that will never disappoint. If you have been considering adding a Club set and stand bag to your golfing gear, then this is where to get started.

Choosing the Right Golf Bag and Clubconfid01confid01

There are various options to choose from when it comes to golf bags. You can either go for a carry bag, staff bag, or a cart bag. Each of them has its pros and cons, with the staff bag being the largest. The cart bag is of medium size and the carry bag is small and lightweight. While choosing any of the bags, as a rule of thumb, choose one based on how you will use it and how much you are willing to spend. Price and quality of a bag will not affect your game, so to speak, but choose one that will accommodate everything you require for a comfortable game.

As for the golfing clubs, it may be a challenge for the novice to get the right size. To remain comfortable on the course, you need the best-sized golf clubs. You risk ruining your game when you use a club that is too long or too short. It may even cause an injury. To get your right size, know your height and shop around for the size recommended for your height.

About Power Hybrid Club Set & Stand Bag for Men from Confidence

The Power Men’s hybrid club set from Confidence is ideal for beginning golfers and those who would like to take their game a notch higher without breaking the bank. It has all the things you need to hit your target with confidence. This set may not include all the 14 clubs that a golfer is allowed to carry but that is not necessary for the beginner. The set has all the clubs that are easiest to use and still provide the golfer with the required range of shots needed to get around the course. This is specifically what we desire when we start off as golfers. It helps you focus on gaining more confidence and consistency in your game.

When it comes to price, this Power Hybrid Club Set and Stand Bag for Men from Confidence is one of the cheapest around. At the set has a price as from $109.99 which is quite affordable when compared to other brands.

Product Features

  • Long clubs with driver and 24-degree hybrid wood and a steel shaft.
  • Cavity-backed irons that can be pulled out for mid-range and short range shots.
  • 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons that have PW and SW.
  • Stand bag designed with backpack style straps to provide extra comfort. It also has auto-pop legs, a rain cover, and a number of external pockets.
  • A steel-shafted putter.
  • Shipping weight of 14.8 pounds and can be shipped only within the US and to APO/FPO addresses. It is not eligible for international shipping.
  • Originated in China.



Product Pros and Cons


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use irons that have bigger face.
  • Comes with driver.
  • Comfortable and light clubs.
  • Elegant design bag. Good quality and with more pockets.


  • Small/thin grip.
  • Not everyone likes the backpack style straps.

What Others are Saying about the Product

Out of the 121 verified buyer reviews at Amazon at the time of this review, the product got an average of 4.3 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars. One of the buyers says he is pleased with the purchase. He is particularly impressed with the clubs which he says are well made and comfortable even when used for entire 18 holes. He is however not happy with the backpack style strap. Another buyer who did not want to spend too much but needed a decent set bought it and noticed a great difference in his game within a short time. He is however not so impressed with the quality bag. But h says the clubs are more important to him.

Overall, users are pleased with the set and would recommend it to a friend.


A Final Word

The Power Hybrid Set and Stand from Confidence is one of cheapest sets in existence. Gauging by its features and what others are saying, I would recommend it to anyone especially the beginner who would love to hone his or her golfing skills. The set comes fully-packed with all you need for a stress-free play on the course.

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