Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Review

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callaway strata golf club set review



If you are looking to purchase a new set of golf clubs now that warmer weather is upon us, you are probably trying to find the perfect set for yourself. The Callaway Men’s Strata 12 piece golf club may very well be on your list. But don’t be fooled by the name. Strata is a sub-brand of Callaway, but not actual Callaway clubs. Strata was officially licensed by a company by the name of Spalding and Top Flight, but held on to the Callaway trademark.

Things to take note of before purchasing your any golf club set are what kind of material the shafts are made out of. If the shaft if made of all iron this means a lot of metal and this will cause them to be heavier than theCallaway Strata Golf Club set graphite club that Strata produces. The reason this is important is that the heavier the club, the more your arms will tire out before you reach the end of your golf game , and possibly make your game suffer at the end. Golfers tend to take their clubs as a very personal thing. There is more to consider than just what brand of clubs to buy, but also to make sure they are buying the clubs that fit them. For instance taller men or women will want longer clubs and vice versa, which is what makes this set so popular. It is very versatile. Now on to the specifics of this set.

This golf set comes with the following: the driver, which is great for teeing off because it offers more forgiveness that allows you to rip the golf ball right off the tee. The three wood is also very forgiving with its aerodynamic head shape for those high flying shots. The driver and three wood boast a graphite shaft for longer putting distance.

The hybrid, such as the 5H is also made of graphite can be a great alternative to longer irons which are heavier and is designed to give you more confidence for wider variety of shots, with less strain on your arm muscles. This club is great for replacing the more difficult long iron club, especially for those who are new to golf.

Irons & Wedges are stainless steel, which are slightly heavier than the graphite, but offer more control combined with forgiveness, after being redesigned with progressive sole width technology.

Callaway Strata Golf Club set bagCallaway Strata Golf Club set bagThe putter in this set is more of a mallet T style alignment which was designed for more accuracy. The bag that comes with this set is very lightweight, but durable and comes with 5 extra pockets, a cooler pocket and a rainhood. Its design is that of a backpack strap. In addition to all the amenities that these clubs offer, they are also very stylish.

The Callaway Strata Golf Club set is relatively inexpensive, but durable and long lasting. Some purchasers used these clubs and were so impressed by the way they handled, that they bought this set, and retired the old set they had. At the low price of 200.00 one would expect the workmanship to be of bad quality, but with this set it is actually reversed. These clubs are durable, versatile, and can be used by either right or left handed people. This set of clubs have been compared to other sets that can cost upwards of 1000.00

Overall, this set appears to be great for new users, and seasoned users alike, are highly versatile, offer a variety of golf clubs that are newly designed, come with an attractive bag to hold the clubs, has club covers and a rainhood and cost much less than other sets, such as the Taylor-Made set which retails for roughly 999.99 as opposed to the 219.99 set offered by Strata.

The Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Club set is made in the US, and can be bought at most stores that sell sporting goods, as well as on Amazon and eBay. Depending upon where you choose to buy them depends on how much they will cost you. These clubs are great for new golfers as the clubs have specific features on each one that will help in the learning process.

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