Callaway Golf 2017 Men’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver Review

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Video Technical Overview by Alan Hocknell – Callaway:


We begin this review with quite a statement: “Probably the best driver on the market” and we’re going to back it up with Golf Digest 2017 Hot List Results:

Picture 1. The best drivers in Golf Digest 2017 Hot List

The GBB Epic Driver comes with thinner face thanks to additional structural stability. Callaway’s engineers did a great job with designing the head (which has two bars stretching from the crown to the sole inside – Jailbreak Technology). Because of these improvements, the face is 20% thinner and springy than ever before. Higher models use a titanium frame with carbon panels at the top and bottom. GolfDigest editors consider Great Big Bertha Epic Driver as the most interesting driver in two decades.

94% of testers would recommend this product (data from



 Technical Features:

Jailbreak Technology

During impact with a golf ball, a metal would face flexes. This is how Jailbreak Technology handles it compared to a finite element without Jailbreak. Two stretching bars change how the head and face behave at impact. This allows us to reach even more speed and distance.

Callaway_GBB_Epic_DriverPicture 2. Finite Element Analysis

Stock Shaft Options

There are four shafts in four weight classes (40g, 50g, 60g and 70g):

Project X HZRDU T800

Most popular shaft, lightweight to promote speed. Built with T800 material to comply with Jailbreak. The best choice for most of the use cases.

Diamana Greenboard M+

Significantly lighter for max speed

This Diamana M+PLUS features the highest balance point in the product line. Excellent for players wanting to go lighter and longer.

Fujikura Pro Green

Very good for faster swing speeds

Designed with a custom bending profile with more forgiveness in the handle section. The 2016 PRO retains Core HIT technology for greater overall efficiency and stability.

Aldila Rogue Max

For the strongest swingers!

The Rogue MAX Multi-Axial provides the best stability and consistency with increased energy stored for impact. The heaviest model in the offer, but with great weight comes great repons… power.


Head Speed

Callaway teamed up with industry-leading Aerodynamics company to implement head with an improved airflow (which directly promotes more swing speed).

Perimeter Weighting

Track was completely redesigned and sliding 17g weight allows to fit the club to the swing, providing 21 yards of shot-shape correction for more control.

Carbon Construction

Mix of titanium Exo-Cage and triaxial carbon crown (note the fact it’s the lightest crown ever in Callaway driver) and sole presents forgiveness at the extraordinary level.

Other Reviews:

You can really feel the difference the bars make when the ball comes in contact with the face. It feels much more solid than the Big Bertha that I own today. I demo’d it last night and hit for about a half hour since the golf shop wasn’t busy

MagMan1, Nashville, TN, USA

Recently, I was watching younger players hit drivers at the range and thinking, my time has passed (age 67 and an ailing back)…I’ll never be able to keep up. Off to the senior tees for me. But then I hit the Epic 10.5 demo…swing easy old man…wow, almost as long as the younger hitters and straighter…one after the other! After hitting the Epic demo, I ordered my Epic at full list price…something I have never done before. While it’s true, one can’t really buy a better game…one can buy a better driver and it’s called Epic


MOST SOLID FEEL OF ANY NEW DRIVER I HAVE TESTED. EPIC 10.5 STIFF Distance flag was a 256 with the wind into the range. Carried an easy 240 and rolling to 260+. The solid feel has me sold (not a gimmick)

Vance, Clarkston, mi




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