Titleist Pro V1

The V1 Golf balls are a perfect combination of advanced capabilities and instant formulation. The core of these balls offer speed and less spin and helps in maintaining the compression. The feel of the ball is also excellent. The cover system of the cast also provides the best scoring control. It is excellent for a high spin when it comes to short game shots and approach shots, however, the cover does not contribute to the speed. The thickness of the balls is reduced and made sure that it catches up speed and have equal retention towards the spin and control. When it comes to the casing layer, it helps in enhancing the speed and promotes spin, which helps in longer shots. The Pro V1 golf balls have larger casing layers that help in making the balls faster and use of material that complements the speed.

Buy Titleist Pro V1 Golf BallsCompression and Design

The Titleist pro v1 2019 balls have exceptional traits and are excellent for the long as well as short shots which makes them versatile.

When measuring the overall hardness of the ball, manufacturers usually rate it between 70 and 110 but it can be lower/higher. Pro V1 is often compared to Pro V1 when talking about the compression. V1 is a softer ball with less spin and a lower flight than V1x. The Titleist pro v1 compression is also good and is responsible for providing the much-needed speed. I would definitely recommend the Titleist pro v1 x out golf balls as they are perfect for any match setup. Even the feel of the ball is smooth, and the balls consistently make up for the regular shots during the game. When it comes to the price of these golf balls, I would say that it is feasible according to the quality that is being provided. The packaging of the balls is minimalistic and comes in the pack of 12 balls. These are available in both yellow and white, where the yellow ones provide great visibility. However, I went with the white ones as it is the tradition of the game.



Titleist worked on adding a new casing layer for a while. When they introduced it I was a bit concerned as I didn’t know what to expect. They claimed it could improve the speed significantly. I didn’t feel the speed improvement at first, a rather different (better) trajectory which helped to improve distance and flight. But I’m just a beginner. Pro golfers like Paul Casey or Adam Scott are using Pro V1’s which means that Titleist is doing something right.

Pro V1 and Pro V1x Comparison

Pro V1

$ ~45-47

  • Softer Feel
  • Medium Flight
  • Long Game Spin: Low
  • Iron Spin: Less
  • Short Game Spin: High
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Pro V1x

$ ~45-47

  • Soft Feel
  • High Flight
  • Long Game Spin: Low
  • Iron Spin: More
  • Short Game Spin: Higher
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The overall performance of the balls is good and perfect for someone who is a beginner as well as a professional. You can experiment with the other version of the balls as well as they have a different spin speed and figure out which one suits you well during the game. The balls will be easy to handle even for beginners as they are that perfect. I am highly impressed with the quality of the balls and have tried and tested them several times myself. I didn’t find any falter in the design and even the speed as they have delivered what they have claimed about its characteristics and feature. I am a regular golfer and can assure you that these balls offer great speed for any kind of shots that you are playing. These golf balls have several surprising elements and are an excellent choice any day. I would personally recommend these golf balls to anyone who is starting off like a golfer and even the ones who are in the game for a long time. Great quality, I’m truly impressed!


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