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Best Golf Courses in Arizona

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best golf courses in arizona

Arizona: Golfing in the heart of the desert. A challenge in the extremes of nature, a monument to the arrogance of man to play such a leisurely sport in conditions so brutal to life. Desert golf is an essential life experience for any golfer, and there is no better way to bring that experience to life than by playing on some of the best golf courses in Arizona, the heart of the desert.

7. Grayhawk

Home to two excellent courses, Raptor and Talon. Raptor course is the riskier of the two, and the more popular. It offers a challenging and rewarding experience for the golfer seeking a thrilling desert experience. Playing Talon offers a more scenic route, and is ideally suited for the leisurely golfer. Both courses have hosted professional events, a testament to their quality. Bunkers and fairways can be deceptive on the tiered terrain; careful consideration of GPS is highly recommended.

6. Wildfire Club

Marriott’s Wildfire Golf Club is home to both the Palmer and Faldo golf courses. The Palmer course appeals to the traditional golfer, offering plentiful greens and a moderate challenge. The Faldo course on the other hand, goes all out in the desert golf theme. Plentiful sandtraps litter the course, and bunkers will frustrate you in this harsh, unforgiving climate.

5. Dinosaur Mountain

In the shadow of the Superstition Mountains, the Dinosaur Mountain Course is the embodiment of desert golfing. Featuring wicked fast greens, and significant elevation changes, the course is a slick challenge for the average golfer. The facility is immaculately maintained, garnering high praise for the excellent condition of its greens and top notch staff service. To top it all off, the prices are impressively reasonable. Dinosaur Mountain is a must if you’re looking to play one of the best golf courses in Arizona.

dinosaur mountain

4. Boulder Resort

True to its name, the Boulder courses feature dazzling boulder formations to challenge your golfing and your senses. The Boulder Golf Resort is famous for its breathtaking scenery, and the South course could easily be considered the best golf course in Arizona for pure aesthetics. A camera is absolutely essential for playing across its 1,300 acres of desert landscape.

3. The Wigwam

The Wigwam golf resort offers a selection of three courses that depart from the all-to-common desert theme found in Arizona. Players seeking a more traditional game will find themselves at home playing on the Gold, Patriot, and Heritage courses. Designed from moderate to highly difficult, Wigwam has built a series of obstacles around lush greens, water features, bunkers, and fairways that will warm(or frustrate) the heart of a weary golfer just looking for a good, classic game. Also not to be missed is the Wigwam Resort that these courses sit on, a fine establishment for the luxury traveler.

2. Sedona golf course

Who wouldn’t want to play golf amongst the famous Red Rocks of Sedona? You have the opportunity to do just that at the Sedona Golf Resort. Boasting stellar customer service, this resort is frequently hailed as one of “The world’s most unforgettable golf experiences.” Every aspect of this experience is of the highest quality, from the greens to the service and the prices. It would be an absolute shame to miss out on playing at the Sedona Golf Resort if you find yourself anywhere near the area.

1. Troon North Golf Club

Home of the iconic Monument course, Troon is hailed as the predecessor of desert golf. Nowhere in Arizona will you find a more original design than THE original desert course. If pressed for time, be sure to make the back nine a priority, for it is arguably the best golf course in Arizona. Any long-time golfer will tell you that Troon is simply a must-play, hands down, if you wish to experience classic desert golf.

Troon North Golf Club Overview, Pinnacle Course Scottsdale, Arizona

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